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Cow Slough Water Control District is governed by a three member Board of Supervisors. The supervisors are elected to three year terms which are staggered so at least one supervisor is elected or re-elected at each Annual Landowners’ Meeting.

Regular Board of Supervisor Meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month except for the months of July, November and December, when no meeting is held. The Annual Landowners’ Meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of May of each year.

All meetings, unless specified, are held at 3:00 p.m. in the Hendry County Extension Office office located at 1085 Pratt Boulevard, LaBelle, Florida 33935.

Special meetings will be advertised in a newspaper of general circulation and posted to this page.

The agenda for the next meeting will be posted seven days prior to the meeting date.

October 25, 2018
January 24, 2019
April 25, 2019, Regular & Special Meetings
May 23, 2019, Annual Landowners’ & Regular Meetings
August 22, 2019

* Due to conflicting schedules, meetings can be cancelled unexpectedly. It is recommended to phone the office prior to attending a meeting.